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Vidya Munde-Müller

Founder and CEO
Frankfurt am Main
Hi all, I am hoping to find a Co-Founder for Givetastic. If you know anyone that can fit. You are welcome. Givetastic - Giving. Made Fantastic!
We are looking for someone who share’s the vision of Givetastic: To boost social engagement, transparency and empower individuals to create positive impact.
Important is that she or he can commit to working full-time on the project. As a personality, we need someone who is well-structured and focused. This person also should have a heart for social causes and creating social impact via technology. We are a team of tech-savvy individuals and and are currently working on a pilot for a customer. We need someone who is business savvy. As we would call ourselves, a social tech company, we need someone who has preferably worked in a tech company or has lot of enthusiasm for tech.
If you are this person or know someone who fits to this description, send a short message and we will contact you.
Thank You! #cofounder #givetastic #joinus